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تاریخ انتشار : 22 شهریور 1393 15:46
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Ahmad Pahlevanian PhD

Ahmad Pahlevanian PhD

A)     Personal Info

Full Name:  Ahmad Pahlevanian

Date and Place of Birth: 1976, Yazd – Iran

E-mail: Pahlevanyan@

B)     Theoretical and Research Background:

- Graduated from Qom Seminary School, Higher-Education Program

- M.A in Philosophy and Islamic Theology

- M.A in Communications and Television Productions

- PhD in Islamic Philosophy, Baqir -al- Olum University

-Various publications on Islamic studies, media, and Islamic Art (e.g. The Relation between Soul, Spirit, Ego and Body in Mulla Sadra's View)

-Lecturing various academic fields (art, communication, and philosophy) at seminary schools and colleges for over 15 years

-Referee in various art festivals and academic conferences on art and media

- Producer and director of over 1200 minutes of TV programs

Mr. Pahlevanian was appointed in 2013 as the dean of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Faculty, Qom Campus, approved by Dr. Gholamrezaei, Deputy of Research and Education at IRIB. Prior to his current position, Mr. Pahlevanian was the vice-chancellor of Research Center in IRIB

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