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تاریخ انتشار : 8 شهریور 1393 14:57
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Radio and Television collage's introduction

Radio and Television collage's introduction Qom irib university

Qom irib university
After confirmation Iran's Radio and Television's policy making council in order to qom's Radio and Television collage putting for attracting religion scholar and their training in specialized way for program producing according to Islamic rules, this collage opened with presence of head of organization in, until researcher of Islamic culture and sciences have a chance of the acquisition of theoretical and practical learning in order to composition and dispersal of their own scientific article to mean Islamic culture by using modern publicity instrument and slace greedy world for spiritual with Skye draft. Now Radio and Television collage, with formal warrant from ministry of higher education, via collage entrance examination, in this three field, TV producing, social communication science and dramatical letters, crossing 2 step written exam and scientific and artistic interview, act to attract student from among level 2 seminarians (equal with bachelor's degree) of theological school for M.S.

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